It is very important for use to be transparent and for our clients to be familiar with our business policies. Please familiarize yourself with À La Digital Design’s business policies, including payment policies, cancellation policies, and more.

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À La Digital Design does not offer financing or payment plans. 

For projects under $600:

  • Full payment is due upfront to begin production.

For projects over $600:

  • 50 percent of the project total is due upfront to begin production. The remainder of payment will be due when the project is complete and within 7 days of the final invoice date.

Payment Methods

We primarily use PayPal invoicing which accepts all major credit cards but we are also able to accept cash and money orders.

We only accept business checks, no personal checks. For new clients, we will wait 7 business days for your check to clear before we begin any production.

Cash payments must be made at the office. Client will need to schedule an appointment during our office hours. Money orders can be mailed to 5529 Bonna Ave, Suite 10, Indianapolis, IN 46219. No production will begin until cash or money order is received.

Website Redesign Payment Policy

For website redesigns or existing platform accounts no matter the project cost, full payment is upfront.

We understand sometimes everyone experiences hardships and we sympathize however, we expect to be paid for the work we have done. 

Until payment of your remaining balance is received, please note we will not provide you with your final product. If the payment is received more than 15 days after the invoice date for your remaining balance, a late fee of 10 percent of your balance owed will be imposed. For every 15 days late after this, an additional late fee will be added on.

Unfortunately, if the client has not paid an invoice for more than 90 days, we will sadly have to refer collection of the unpaid amount to an attorney or collections agency.

Cancellation fees will apply if a project is cancelled after work has been completed. The client will be expected to compensate us for work we have done. 

Fees are as follows:

  • If any pre-production work has been done, we will retain your 50 percent deposit to cover pre-production work.
  • If we have gone into production or completed your project when you cancel, we will retain your 50 percent deposit, plus you will owe us a cancellation fee (your remaining balance).

Unfortunately, if the cancellation fees are not paid in 15 days from the invoice date, there will be a 10 percent penalty added onto to the total for every 15 days the payment is late. If the cancellation fees are not paid within 90 days, we will sadly have to refer your collection of your debt to a lawyer or collection agency.

Files, content or websites will not be released to client until full payment is secured.

Please note after your files are released to you, you have 60 days to download your files from a shared Google Drive folder. Be sure to save your files in a secure place as they will be deleted after 60 days and will not recoverable.

Learn more about our design processes and other important info by checking out our frequently asked questions.

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