Not everyone understands the terminology used when referring to graphic and website design so À La Digital Design has compiled a list of questions and answers to help you better understand the terminology used when we consult with you. We have also included some general FAQs that pertain to our policies, processes and important information.

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À La Digital Design can create a product for you no matter where you are located, but please keep in mind, we are not bilingual and can only offer services in English at this time.

We have worked with clients all over Indiana and the U.S via email, phone and video conferencing; thank goodness for technology! We are also available to meet in person for clients that prefer face-to-face meetings. (Until further notice and due to the ongoing pandemic, all meetings will be conducted virtually via Zoom.)

Currently, we are available by appointment only. Appointments can be made during these hours:

Monday: 11-3pm
Tuesday: 11-5pm
Wednesday: 11-5pm
Thursday: 11-5pm
Friday: 11-6pm

(Until further notice and due to the ongoing pandemic, all meetings will be conducted virtually via Zoom.)

We are not available on weekends for appointments but we may be available to take calls and/texts from existing clients. 

À La Digital Design does not offer financing or payment plans. 50 percent of the project total is due upfront to begin production. The remainder of payment will be due when the project is complete. We primarily use PayPal invoicing which accepts all major credit cards but we are also able to accept cash and money orders.


We only accept business checks. For new clients, we will wait 7 business days for your check to clear before we begin any production.


Cash payments must be made at the office. Client will need to schedule an appointment during our office hours. Money orders can be mailed to 5529 Bonna Ave, Suite 10, Indianapolis, IN 46219. No production will begin until cash or money order is received.

Release Policy

Please note, any products, content or websites will not be released to client until full payment is secured.

Our quotes/estimates expire in 30 days.

Every client we work with will receive a free 30-minute design consultation as well as an itemized estimate. If a client requests a proposal, we charge a $150 proposal fee. If we are hired by the client to complete the project, the proposal fee will be credited to the client’s account.

Cancellation fees will apply if a project is cancelled after work has been completed. The client will be expected to compensate us for work we have done. If any pre-production work has been done, you will owe 50 percent of the project total. If we have gone into production or completed your project when you cancel, 100 percent of the project total will be owed. 

All of our projects typically have a 2-6 week turnaround but if you need a project rushed, rush fees will apply. Our fees vary and are dependent on the project type and time frame; for logo design or marketing material design, expect at least a 50 percent rush fee and for a website design, expect anywhere from 100-200 percent. Why do we charge rush fees? Because we are prioritizing your project and working under a very tight deadline. 

We are not able to undertake any copywriting/SEO projects, website redesigns, packages, or visual branding projects for a quick turnaround.

No, all of our projects are done in house by our designers.

Unlike many design companies, our head designer also has a degree in Journalism and SEO writing experience, so you never have to deal with any other company throughout the process. We do not offer any kind of marketing services, such as blog writing, email campaigns/newsletters, etc.

Please note we do handle any printing, but we can refer you to a local printing company.

À La Digital Design is registered as a vendor with VR Indiana. We are pleased and honored to be able to work with individuals with disabilities to help them achieve their advertising goals, as well as provide training for them to maintain and self-manage their websites.

À La Digital Design will keep back ups of your product files for a maximum of 60 days. It is the client’s responsibility to download their files from Google Drive immediately and back them up appropriately.

If the client has failed to download their files after three months have passed, unfortunately, the files will not be able to be recovered by À La Digital Design and we will not issue any refunds or recreate the project.

We will start the process by setting up a design consultation. Prior to the consultation, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out so we can learn about your brand, your business and your industry. Please note that we can not begin production until this questionnaire has been completed.

Then À La Digital Design will ask you to purchase your domain and/or hosting plan if you do not already have a website or domain name. We can assist you with this step via screen share or an in-person meeting but please note it is your responsibility to purchase your domain and/or hosting plan, those prices ARE NOT included in our quotes/prices.

If you have an existing site on a host other than WordPress or SquareSpace you will need to transfer your domain and export your website content to a WordPress or SquareSpace hosting plan. We can walk you through this process but we are not able to contact your current host, the client will need to contact their current hosting company to initiate that process.

Once those steps have been completed, we will begin the design process. 

Yes, we can help you. We recommend that our clients purchase a WordPress hosting plan from Go Daddy or a SquareSpace plan. We can help walk you through the process if needed. Please note the client is responsible for the purchase, these prices are not included in our quotes. GoDaddy-managed WordPress hosting plans include a domain name and a free email plan for the first year. 

Absolutely. Once we complete the website design and you have paid your remaining balance, it is yours to do with as you wish. A one-hour WordPress or SquareSpace training session is included in website packages and website design prices so we can teach you the basics of how to manage your own website.

We can write SEO-friendly content for your website for an additional fee, or you can write all the content and we will gladly incorporate it into your website. Don’t worry if it’s not complete and polished right away; we can use placeholder text until you’re ready to place your own content on the website.

If you are interested in having us write and design your website, learn more in our copywriting FAQ section.

À La Digital Design specializes in creating websites and visual branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We don’t cut any corners, we have just designed our services and packages to be budget friendly, without compromising quality.

Website designs vary, but generally we are able to complete smaller projects in 2-4 weeks and larger projects in 4-8 weeks if the client remains proactive throughout the entirety of the project.

We can design new WordPress or SquareSpace sites only (no transfers) for a quick turnaround, but rush fees will apply. Expect to pay up to 100-200 percent more to rush a website design. Why? Because we are prioritizing your project and putting in overtime hours to complete a job on a tight deadline.

Please note, SEO-friendly copywriting is not available for a quick turnaround.

No, logos are not included with a website design, but they are available as an À La Carte option for an additional fee. 

We will be glad to choose a nice font for your business name to be displayed on your website for no additional cost, or if you already have a logo, we can use that as well.

Logos start at $100 and can go up to $1000. Logos are a completely different design process and can take anywhere from 1-2 hours for a simple logo and all the way up to 15-20 hours for a very detailed logo.

Yes, we use WordPress or SquareSpace for all of our websites which are wonderful platforms with endless customization and ideal for self managing.

We offer WordPress or SquareSpace training sessions for website design/redesign or website package.

All website clients will be provided with a complimentary WordPress basics video that will teach you how to add or remove text from any page on your website. We are currently working on a basics video for SquareSpace and Shopify.

For clients that are not very tech savvy, we can make those changes for you at an additional cost.

Please note that if you would like us to make text changes on your website, you must provide a document detailing all the changes you need made. We unfortunately are not able to to take text changes over the phone but if you have accessibility challenges, we recommend you create your change document with a voice to text program. If you need us to help you transcribe any changes, that will result in an additional cost to cover our time.

No, once we complete your website, you will own the design and the content. We do not offer any monthly management plans at this time.

Please be aware you will be billed monthly or annually for your hosting plan and domain name. We do not offer hosting support and it is your responsibility to manage your hosting plan and all costs associated. (We recommend Go Daddy-managed WordPress hosting plans or SquareSpace plans.)

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer two set of revisions at no additional cost if you are unhappy with what we have produced for you. We will ask that you provide clear and concise instructions to avoid any miscommunications and to ensure we can complete the revisions in a timely manner for you as well as for us.

If miscommunication issues occur during revisions, we will make sure to get back on track so we remain productive during the project.

We will start the process with a design consultation. Once you have decided to acquire our services, we will request the required 50 percent non-refundable deposit to begin work on your project. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, where we will learn all about your business and services/products you provide to your clients. We encourage you to provide examples of materials you like (logos, brochures, business cards, flyers, etc.) as well as provide colors, fonts, styles, etc, that you enjoy or would like to incorporate into your design. The questionnaire must be completed in order for us to begin production.

Our designer will then provide you with 1-3 sketches/layouts based on your questionnaire responses. You will then choose a concept and we will proceed with the initial design. Two rounds of revisions are included in your quote, but any changes needed after two rounds of revisions are exhausted will be billed by the hour. Once all revisions haven been applied, we will provide you with a proof and await your final approval. 

When you approve the product, we will send you the final invoice. Please note, the remainder of your balance must be received before we will release the completed product and all the necessary file formats for print and/or web.

No, all of our projects are done in house by our designers. Please note we do not do any printing, but we can refer you to a reputable printing company.

Visual branding refers to the visual aspects of your business. Examples of visual aspects are your logo, colors, fonts, graphics, styles or any other visual element that you use to promote your brand. It’s important that your visual branding is consistent.

A consistent visual identity is crucial to the success of your business, as this plays an important part of attracting a target audience. Consistent branding is simple: a business needs to use the same colors, same feel, same look, and a prominent logo on everything they put out, digital or printed.

Consistent branding helps an audience get to know your business and also gets you instant recognition when potential customers see what you are putting out. Branding should be consistent across all of your websites, social media platforms, business cards, banners, and even right down to your email signatures. You will appear unorganized and unprofessional if your branding is scattered and mixed.

Sometimes a business will make the decision to re-brand any current branding. Re-branding means that a business is creating a new visual identity, so all the existing visual branding such as your logo, colors, and messaging is being updated to your new vision. 

There are many reasons why a company may decide to re-brand, but it is crucial that once you are ready to launch your new brand, you have a strategy in hand. Be sure your new visual identity is clear and that all of your marketing materials are ready to be launched at the same time as to not confuse your current audience.

À La Digital Design knows just what you need. A mini makeover for your visual branding is known in the industry as a brand refresh.

A brand refresh is a small undertaking in comparison to a re-branding. Examples of a refresh are updates to your colors, fonts, or an update to a logo. 

The benefits of a refresh are you won’t lose any of your recognition with your current audience but at the same time it also appeals to a broader, changing audience. A refresh can aid in keeping your business relevant and can transform outdated branding.

Yes, you can hire us to write one page or all pages of your website. Our head designer holds a degree in Journalism from Indiana University and has a decade of experience in web copywriting and SEO writing.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines have bots that scan websites and index them into their search results. The better SEO ranking your website has, the higher you will show up in a search engine, which means more people and potential clients may visit your website. 

Are you wondering if you need SEO for your website? Yes, we highly recommend you do. Why? To have more visibility on the web and to appeal to a larger audience.

No, we do not offer any monthly SEO plans. We are a small business with a small staff dedicated to website and graphic design. 

Although we don’t offer monthly plans, for our SEO clients, we will gladly reassess and bring your SEO up to industry standards 2-3 times a year if needed for a small fee, just contact us.

À La Digital Design does not offer SEO writing for any existing writing, because it is very difficult to develop an SEO strategy for materials we do not write. For any pages that require optimization, we will create new, unique and compelling SEO content.

Sorry, but we are unable to complete SEO friendly copywriting in a quick turnaround.

If you have a WordPress or SquareSpace website product, yes, we will happily install the writing on your website. We will require your permission to access the website editor in order to upload all the content onto your site. 

Please note, if your site is not WordPress or SquareSpace or it is a coded website, we will not be able to install the content. It is the client’s responsibility to have the content uploaded. You will need to contact your web designer or the person responsible for managing your website.

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